Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wide Usage of Credit Card

One fine day, my friend has been invited to hike Gunung Tahan during semester break lor..so he decided to buy a good Back Pack. The plan was however been cancelled due to some UTM idiot's decision to shift the semester break to CNY. Who wanna to go hiking on the First day of CNY..KNN....(All this happened after he bought the backpack...mcb)

Back to our story, so my friend went to Singapore Army Market with two other pals.
They listened to some friend's advice and hopped off at the Bugis MRT Station.
Here is the conversation with the officer in the Bugis Junction.

Friend : Hello, how can I get to the army market ah?

Guard : O...you (blah blah blah). Some distance lar..

Friend : Ok...thank you so much.

Then they continued to walk in the directions given. 5 minutes later, they stopped again and asked.

Friend : Hello, how can I get to the army market?

Autie : (Selling Ice-Cream)O...very far ler...you go this way this way..

Friend : OK..(starting to feel cheated)

But they still go on, and on their way, they stopped like 6-7 times to ask (I would say confirm) if their direction was correct.

Mana tahu, it started to rain ...heavily...but this did not dampen their spirit...They continued their journey somehow

After around 30-40 minutes walking in the rain, finally they reached the Army Market. (feel pity for them right?)

They dried themselves using limited supplies of tissue. (Well, imagine you are soaked to the skin and expect the shop to welcome you meh)

They then went scouting around for the backpack. Then they reached one shop, and asked for a famous brand Deuter. Then this uncle showed them lor..

Uncle : naa, this is Deuter lor..many sizes..but many youngsters come here and ask for Deuter. Fine, it is famous lo, but Uncle hor, want to recommend other good brand also.

Friend : O..ok...(then followed the Uncle to see other brands)

Uncle : This one made in Germany one, its a new brand lar, called Vaude, but it is very good ler...you can try...see which one suits you.

Uncle : However, Uncle ka lu kong hor (want to tell you), actually everybody body posture and size is different, so you must try every single one and buy the one suits you most.

Friend : True...(Trying every single available Vaude backpack in that shop)

Anyway, this step took almost an hour, comparing each backpack, some what like SWOT analysis.

Uncle : So...this is the one you like lar..OK...let Uncle gives you a discount price...I guarantee you this is the cheapest price. (Punching his calculator)

Friend : Heherm, count a cheaper price ler..

Uncle : Naa, very cheap, SGD 180 only..

Friend : Ok lar...I am paying by credit card...Visa..

Uncle : A...pay by credit card ah...wait I ask my son come..

Son : (Checking my credit card) This one Visa ler, pa, we can only accept Nets..

Uncle : You don't have Nets meh...

Friend : (What the heck is Nets) Don't have ler...I am from Malaysia.

Uncle : Er...or you pay by cash lar..SGD 180 only mar

Friend : I only have around SGD 10 ler..Malaysian money also not much..I thought Visa is accepted worldwide mar

Uncle : Or you go ATM machines lar..there is one bank nearby...Maybank

Friend : Er....I scared my card being confisticated ler...Here is Singapore ler...no MEPS one ler...

Uncle : Like this ah, aiya...how ar...

Friend : Bo bien lo, er, why don't I come back 2 weeks later, I will be here for CNY shopping also...I guarantee you I want to buy that bag one..

Uncle : Ok lar...but i cannot guarantee you this bag will be still here ..

The above conversation took almost another hour. So, my friends are there for 2 hours ler...

Guess what are the two friends of my friend doing while? Fine..one is interested also, so can be forgived lar..but the other one is so pity,

He is so desperate to find a stool or whatever heck that he can put his butt on. He stood there for 2 hours ler...listening to all these craps...so sorry for him...

So...finally, they went out of the shop without any money spent..

Here is the most hillarious thing about my friend, He saw another brand in another shopping complex later, which was giving good discounts also...And he KNN bought that bag ler...

Haih...feel so bad for that poor Uncle, for his 2 hours non-stopping and good service...poor him..

BTW...those who knows me and my friends well will know who is the mutta farking bitch lar...haha


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