Thursday, March 02, 2006

Najib : Change Lifestyle

Today's Star headline, Najib tells Malaysian to adapt to higher fuel prices. Here is how the news go...

Najib : Malaysian, all of you have got to change your lifestyle and adapt to the 'inevitable' fuel price increase.

Beng : Why should we change our lifestyle ler?

Najib : O...Such changes in lifestyle should be made so that even if there were increase in fuel prices, Malaysians will be able to continue having the "good quality" and "comforts of life" which they have been enjoying.

Beng : But how can we (although very few Malaysians did) enjoy our life ler since you are increasing the fuel price?

Najib : Pretty simple, you should use our 'on-time' and 'high quality' public transport. For example, our Putra LRT is famous for its 'spacious' couch or our KeretapiTanahMelayu famous for its 'on-time' and 'maintenance free' service or even our KL Monorail whose tyre are so 'securely' fixed and won't fall on you.

Beng : But many Malaysians including me are unsatisfied with the public transport ler...that's why we bought a car.

Najib : Don't worry, the savings gained from the fuel subsidies would be used to set up a fund to enhance our public transport system.

Beng : (yet another government fund)O...But government also said this morning that they don't allow Bus/Lorry/Taxi to increase price wor..

Najib : Yeah la...if they increase price...this will add burden to the citizens..

Beng : (Government can increase price, inferior citizens cannot, you play all lar..) But how can they support their livings since the fuel price has gone up.

Najib : Aiyo....why you have so many questions..? I am not free to you next time

Beng : KNN...


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