Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oil Price Hike 3

The story is the aftermath of the recent oil price hike.

Friend : (Coming back from campus with a packet of food)

Me : Hey, why you tapao bo jio? (tapao=bungkus, bo jio = do not ask along to do something together)

Friend : O..because of the expensive fuel, I have to do save fuel ma...

Me : Huh??(Showing a confused look)

Friend : Aiya...I have to do so because the fuel price has increased and doing so(tapao while coming back from campus) save fuel...(which is quite true)

Me : O...never mind..

Hey, If you are expecting another jokes here, sorry that I have to let you down.....
THIS IS NOT ANOTHER JOKE.....but it is a very good practice, at least economic wise....

So, let's practice this together....and heed our Najib advice to CHANGE OUR LIFESYLE ...(due to some very unwise decisions of beloved Government)


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