Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oil Price Hike 2

Yeah...another story on the night when everybody was rushing to fill up their tanks. My friend was one of them also. Here is how the story goes...

Friend : (Was busy pumping petrol into her tank, oops, the tank of her car) Yeah..the usual Angkat-Masuk-Picit.

Uncle : Hey, why you pump so slow one? Kin le, I have many cars at home waiting for me.

Friend : (Starting to feel how ridicule this uncle was) E.....What should I say?

Uncle : Ei...Nobody does it like you slow..

Friend : (Another speechless stare) Hell...there is only one way to pump petrol mar...(of course, my friend did not say this, if not, she would be lying in the hospital now)

Uncle : (Starting to get aggressive) Kancil can 'put' RM80 petrol ler...why yours only RM30?

Friend : (Said it in heart)Wah, I bought the Kancil like this mar...I am not the one who designed my car's fuel tank ler...A Pek..

Uncle : (Continue mumbling)%&*#$&*&*@#

Friend : (Quickly filled up her tank and cabut)

Whoever read this, Don't you think this Uncle is very ridiculous for showing off :

1. His petrol filling skills which is so fast than the petrol station operator.

2. His BIG Kancil Fuel Tank which can fill up to RM80 of petrol.

3. His discrimination against the opposite sex, who can do nothing better than pumping petrol.

*ps to petrol station time you see a Gold Kancil drive into your kiosk..
you are going to have a additional RM50 income ler (80-30=RM50)...though GOD knows if his tank can really take that extra RM50 petrol... he is smuggling petrol for extra the police!!!


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