Monday, March 06, 2006

The Myth

There is a myth in 11, Pulai 56.

If he do his laundry (wash his clothes lar..), the rain will fall...(erm..I would say 80% of the time)

Luckily, he only do his laundry once a week lar..

The scenario is..whenever he finished his laundry (basically is the washing machine job lar), the rain will fall either before or after he hangs out his clothes or

There is once, last year i think, the rain continue falling for a week or even more than that....and guess what...that is after he hangs out his laundry lor...

I guess many of you remember that 'disaster' when you can't have your undergarments dried quick enough...hehe..yeah...that is the time..

Anyway, today his myth was broken by his roomate. Past the curse.......


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