Monday, March 06, 2006

Skipping Condition Monitoring

So this is a story about condition monitoring....

One afternoon, a sunny one, I don't know why the farking not functioning Air-Cond in the c25-419 is unattended yet. And still so many claimed they are the Air-Cond specialist in FKM.

But that is not the main point today, so the weather is hot and the air-cond is not functioning. Plus 'you know who' lecture is boring to 'not so keen on learning kid' like myself. and his 8000 times so-on.

So, my friend was getting bored and went back lor...of course, half way through the lecture lar...

And guess what, his motor tyre punctured half way, and he has to push it for how long i can't remember.

Lesson learnt : Don't skip Condition Monitoring


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so on so on so on n so on


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