Sunday, March 05, 2006

Restricted Passport

For your information, if you are holding restricted passport (Malaysia-Singapore), you can only use the passport until 30th JUNE 2006.

Which means that starting on 1st July 2006, you have to use a Malaysia International Passport if you want to go to Singapore/abroad.

However, an International Passport is costing me RM300. The process took only 1 day if you do it at the JB Imigration Office.

Hei...what about my restricted passport which is valid until Dec 2008? I read from the STAR that if I make an Internatioanal Passport, I can 'redeem' or get a refund of RM2.50 per year left on my restricted passport.

I have 2 and a half years more for my restricted passport so I can claim back RM5???? And I have to fork out another RM295 ler...

Why can't it be at least Rm30 per year ler? Since we are paying RM 150 for that restricted passport.

I respect your highness' decision to standardize all passport to only Malaysia Passport. But you should consider the consequences. What is the different between you and those 'con-man'?

Yeah...I guess the difference is that you are the MF-government and they are not.

You are supposed to take care of the citizens' welfare and not cheating our hard-earned money..

Malaysia Boleh!!! Haih...


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