Wednesday, March 01, 2006


One hungry night, I lazy to go out for supper. So I SMSed my friend to tapao for me.

SMS reads : Hey, TaPao 2 (TaPao=Chinese Big Bun with pork inside)

Ten minutes later, my friend came back.

Me : heyhey, here comes my supper.

Friend : Naa, RM 5. (Handing over the packet)

Me : Why so expensive one? Naik harga again ah..

Then I opened the packet and you guess what, I found 2 packets of Char Kuey Teow inside.

Me : I thought I SMS you tapao 2 TaPao.

Friend : Ya meh, I thought you asked for 2 BIG packets.

Me : (Speechless) Walan eh, you dunno I eat Char Kuey Teow will get sick ah..

Friend : Haha...sorry lar...

Lesson learnt = Use Chinese Character while SMSing to prevent confusion.

Hey..guess what...this friend of mine is actually the victim in that Kena Yam 1 story...revenge on me pulak...

Addon: Many ask why he tapao Char Kuey Teow and not other things...CKT is the only other food available at that place..


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