Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Why St Annes New Church was built?

One fine day during my friend secondary school years, he was playing soccer in the field beside the old church.

Friend : (Happily passing the ball around and having lots of fun)

Priest : Hey, who asked you to play soccer here...go go go in other place.

Friend : Lanjiao...I was playing here since I was a baby (Obviously the priest was new there)

Priest : (Shocked, Speechless)

From that day onwards, my friend dares not go to that church anymore..hahaha..he told me that he formed his own church, and he become the tips giver(soccer match tips), and continue to contribute to the church in his way..

Somehow, few months later, in order to prevent my friend to become national footballer, the priest built a new church on the field that my friend had played in.

* offence to Christian community, just a joke among my friends...


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