Tuesday, February 28, 2006

4D First Prize

One day, my friend planned to buy a new computer..yeah..a whole new set of computer..So, he went to this shop, Cytech. He had his mind set on the specs that he wanted..and hooray..let's go..jio his roomie along (who is the regular customer of the shop).

Friend: Hey, Tauke, you got 21" LCD monitor ah?

Tauke : (Eyes wide open suddenly) O...got, but have to
book, will arrive in few days time lor, because
not many people want such good monitor.

Friend: Ok lor, (continue to grumble about his dream
specs for his computer)

Later, while my friend was staring somewhere else...

Roomie: (Smile to the tauke)..hehe

Tauke : Ei, Lu Peng Yu Tio Tao Pio ah
(Your friend won 4D first prize)

Roomie: (Speechless)...bo lar...he is rich mar...
beh sai ah...

Tauke : O...I thought he was so lucky...spend
his prize money on LCD monitor..


At 10:39 AM, Blogger chickenbolehkencing said...

Hei...btw...he bought a 19" LCD monitor for 1.3k...rich hor


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