Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I have to say this..

  • Why the fark has to ask for RM2 billion (yet another 2 billion) from the government to make sure their turnover plan is a successful one......of course lar...give you 2 billion to prevent a 1.7 billion losses..simple maths.
  • The 2 billion can be subsized into the recent oil price hike man...more citizens are going to benefit from this...
  • Why can't you ask for a cheaper fuel from Petronas...o..i know...they can't because they have to sponsor BMW team....well, there goes the citizens hard earned money Petronas is directly under PM, no need to report to Cabinet for your information..
  • Why can't you fire some idiots pilots, stewardess, and other officers who are not productive...Not only them are suffering from the bad economy, obviously they have got to perform or pack the bag...MAS is not Charity okay....
  • Fark..i heard this from my lecturer, his friend boarded a 747 from KL-Penang which was supposed to be a 737. Obviously, some bad planning has caused this and I believe those guys sitting in the planner's position should have been taught well to come up with a better plan. O what, they got the government scholarship to get a MBA from overseas ler...good investment ho...


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