Sunday, February 26, 2006

Singaporean's trip to KL

I went through this post about how a Singapore Girl visit to KL was like. Some Malaysia Boleh act was mentioned in it. Read it out..

I summarised a few points here:

  • Dishonest KL Taxi Drivers (most of them)
  • Old School MRT card (outdated ticketing system which was used in Singapore years ago, OK>>we have our TouchNGo also though not as conveniently available as in Singapore)
  • She was molested in Petaling Street...sigh..
  • Expensive B-Grade Imitation Goods in Petaling Street
  • Cheating Malaysia Mega Sales (a mere 10%)while even people Watson's is giving islandwide 20% discount
  • Dirty Toilets...i wonder why Malaysian are so misbehaved..i mean most of them...
sssssSo, What do you think? I have to admit that these are the weaknesses that are eating into Malaysian Tourism Business (I mean KL)

Who the heck will ever return after such a disgusting journey. At least, clean the toilets more often lar...and don't charge farking 30 cents for the service...

Anyway, most of the Malaysian are very friendly, honest and nice people...let's eradicate the Rotten Apples...

Malaysian food is nice and cheap too..btw..


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