Sunday, February 12, 2006

Do you believe this??

One fine day, my friend was sitting in a lecture hall listening tentatively to economics theories. His handphone rang, and an unfamiliar number appeared. As he is an obedient student, he did not answer the phone. His mate reminded him that it might be some important calls from recruiter. So he decided to call back after the lecture. Here is how the conversation goes...

Friend : Hello..sorry to disturb you..i received your call just now..may i know who are you and why are you calling me for? blah.blah.blah..
Gal : (because line was not clear), hah ..hah....
Friend : Repeat the whole thing again...
Gal : (this time was clear), tak tahu dia cakap apa ni!
Friend : (Hung up the phone)

My friend then told his mate that the gal spoke ....he decided to call back again...(the unbelievable comes) and decided this time switched to speak Malay.

Friend : Hello...maaf kerana menganggu..saya terima panggilan anda tadi..boleh saya tahu siapa panggil nombor ini? blah blah blah..
Gal B : (Another gal answered the phone this time)...Salah Nombor lah Dik!
Friend : (Bo bien...hung up the phone)

You guess what is his mate doing on the floor.....actually he laughed until could not straighten himself up...


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