Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Malaysia in Ang Mo's mind

This story happened when my brother chatted with a French family during his Alps trip..yeah ...he went skiing..

French said :

When I think of Malaysia, well, you are so rich of oil and you dig it and sell at a good price, and then go build those tall tall buidlings and having heavy corruptions in the process..

Malaysia is like the next pharoah generation (Egypt), althought country might be rich, and dedicated all the money to build pyramids..

So folks, this is how Ang Mo thinks about Malaysian Government..
(Hey, I am a patriotic person as long as the government actions is not dumb)

The second conversation took place between my brother and his economic lecturer (British).


I respect the Malaysian economy, as in those controlled by chinese....
I would say it is very very competitive to start a successful entreprenuer there in Malaysia...coz they have very talented and dedicated people...compared to UK and the states..

However, I would advise you not to look into opportunities in Malaysia, hehe...will only make your lives hard..cause the Malaysian Chinese always fought hard, and whatevert they have got hold of, they won't throw it away easily...

I said:

So you see, that's why so many Chinese can afford a Merz or BMW in small towns like Segamat or Muar...they are not even highly educated, but they have a shrewd mind and very dedicated in providing a comfortable and better lives to their families...

But still many people are calling chinese 'kiam siap' (stingy), that is because they don't understand how hard had they gathered the fortunes.

Next time you see people driving Merz AMG, don't envy him, you can be driving one one day if you put in as much efforts....


At 8:11 PM, Blogger ahpompom said...

gosh....which "merc AMG" do you refer....wakakaka....

you know, is good to mention that muarian is rich...good good..i agree.....imagine their house as wide as a soccer field, and i am not boasting here.


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