Friday, March 10, 2006

Kena Yam 2 (Lecturer)

This happened during an economic lecture.

Bunch of friends were obviously bored of the lecture and busy chatting with each other.
Out of a sudden, the lecturer ki siao and caught my friend talking.

Lecturer : Hey...You .....What was the last phrase I said?

Friend : Er...You were asking me :"What was the last phrase I said" lor

Class : Laugh like hell

Lecturer : Pretend nothing happened. (He wanted to trap my friend and eventually kena Yam balik)

However, I respect my friend to be brave enough to give such an answer.

By the way, I heard he answered this to a recruiter.

Recruiter : Why do you think I should hire you?

Friend : Because 10 companies are begging me to work for them...


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