Friday, March 10, 2006

Have you ever....

Have you ever...

Received calls for interview and 2 days later, the company called you back and asked you no need to come for interview....(Exxon Mobil did that to me..haha)

Drove up to KL for an interview, and the moment you reached KL, the company called and informed you that they just found out that you are graduating in May, but their programme would start in March.....(Genting Finance did that to me..)

Felt betrayed by your idiot groupmates during interview and very upset about it...but still can proceed to next round of the interview....and the idiot got in also.....(Schlumberger did that to my friend)

Overslept and missed an interview but the company still asked you to come back the same afternoon......(Genting Sanyen Paper did that to sootong)

Wanted a keychain so much and pretended that you interested to join the company and gave them your resume.....(many coursemates did that to MISC and Sime Darby)

Wanted a keychain so much after you submitted your resume, but that farking company forgot to give you their keychain, and you "unintentionally" reminded them to do so...(Yeow Choon did that to MISC and SimeDarby)

Asked the penang based company to open a branch in Johor so that you can work in Johor...(RQ but actually he told the interviewer He preferred to work in Johor only lar...those are my opinions)

Questioned by the interviewer about some technical stuffs which you couldn't remember well and answered back : "If you studied Solidworks few years back and not practising it you also dunno lar".....(si beh heong.... dunno who did that to SONY, still looking for this fella,,,any hints..??? I found it....LapuKia)

Approached by somebody you have never talked to in 5 years and suddenly MSN you asking you some technical questions and said good bye after that.....(pity you)

Never attend any interview before career fair and get this in 3 days..
- Confirm offer from AE with monthly salary of RM1600
- Waiting for third interview from Panasonic
- Waiting for second interview in Penang Seagate
- Interview by Bosch
- Interview by Venture
- Called for interview by Genting Sanyen but too tired to go after so many interviews..
(Andy Lau ma lun jin leng mar)


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous cttan_21 said...

i was given a test during genting sanyen interview... basic fluid n mechanic questions but i forgot some of the equations... So after the interview, i was asked if i got any questions for them.. .n i asked for the answers of the test....

At 12:50 AM, Blogger chickenbolehkencing said... want me to add that also??
I was given the test also...can't do also...haha


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