Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cause of Cancer

I read from my friend's blog that if I want to push up my adsense revenue...i need to insert a few key words in my craps..

So...I am going to try it out...with this topic...cancer..

Do you know that asbestos used in most European house to insulate heat will actually cause lung cancer if not handled appropriately...?

Do you know if you worked in a glass manufacturing factory...MSG...the silica that exists in the environmnet will cause lung cancer in long term. (O god...i worked in AJIYA Safety Glass for 3 months ler...die)

Do you know if you worked for Genting Sanyen, they will pay your mortage loan interest for you...sound interesting ho?

Hei..I am just crapping here...real craps...ignore me...


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