Friday, March 17, 2006

Hometown Moonlight is shiner than Skudai's?

Today, my housemate, Q was seen hurrying up and down the stairs.

Me : Hey, Where are you going?

Q : O…going back hometown..

Me : What! This hour, today? You have nothing to do meh?

Q : Got..that’s why going back hometown lo…

Me : Huh?

Q : No lar…My house got Saw, Drill and Glue mar…Here don’t have..

Me : FKM Lab don’t have meh?

Q : Got..but have to wait for those KNN technicians…pek chek

Off he goes….later during my conversation with his roomie, E.

E : Ei….Q went back hometown wor

Me : Yeah…I know..

E : He said here don’t have saw, drill and glue…

Me : Yeah lar…siao one..

E : He said Glue here bo lat….hometown one baru wu lat…

Me : Hahaha…

E : Or he himself can’t produce such high quality GLUE gua…


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