Saturday, March 25, 2006

Playing soccer with kids gets 10 times boring when we have to sit for tests especially the 2-3days before the real thing comes, right?

All the while is reading and try our best to cramp all the information into the 'limited space' brain. This is worse when I have to a test which requires me to memorize half of the book to be able to 'excel' in the test. Hey...I am not borned to be a Photocopy Machine ler...This is not the life I

I decided to have a jog this evening, as usual. Then I bumped into these group of kids, age ranges from Primary 5 to Form 1 or Form 2 I guess, in the garden near my neighbourhood. And they had a football but were playing some games ....blah blahbah...cut short lar..

So, I asked them to play football with me lor...divided into 2 teams..and started playing...

At first, they are very disorganized, kicked the ball hard and ball flied around. Then, I introduced them the proper passing and some basic tactics, although I myself are not a pro of it.

Then, things get better. They were more organized attacking and defending. Goals scored and everybody was happy.

Well, it might be nothing much if you score against some little kids. But what I gained from playing with them is that ...

  • I could temporarily forget about my tests, thesis or whatever that was nagging me whole day.
  • Watching those kids grow, participate and cooperate well is so much an achievement...ceh....
  • Stop them from playing more online games...dota..haha....used up their energy and get them to bed early...haha
  • Passing on my knowledge, er...not in football lar, I am never good in it, but in terms of sportsmanship. Learn how to celebrate victory, (Hey, I even taught to shake hands after the match le)....How to handle defeats optimistically...How to comply to games rules while enjoying the game....Who knows...these kids can one engaged in some really BIG games...and that time, they can apply what I injected in their little minds..haha...sound very noble...
What I appreciate most is that with them engaged in healthy sports, rather a online games nerd, I guess at least they won't suffer from obesity....haha


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