Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Singapore Interview

Aiya...I was writing half way of my interview day in singapore...but who the hell would be interested in i stopped and changed to this ...

Erm...I walked past the Causeway 2nd times in my life..because of the daily traffic jam...and I don't want to be late for the interivew...but anyway, some of the candidates took bus, I still have to wait for them when I reached Singapore custom..

Well..their office is in Gateway tower...very modern ...they just rent a floor lar...

After that, I got my SGD 10...which is the main attraction there...haha

My interview went pretty smooth...but when they asked me what is their core business...I answered I do not know....haha...very kao keong..

Anyway, they tried to explain their business to me...lor...there goes my interview..nothing special...but there is still a third round interview...which I wish they would give SGD 20 next time..greedy //

But one thing that I learnt from the ex-UTM student, who is also the Rig manager is that...he told me 'Engineering Degree' is a brand...which proves you have logical thinking flatters nothing much technical was asked in fact....

Btw...I heard from my friend that there is a 4flat electrical guy among the candidates...anybody know him ar...4flat wor...wonder if he written his GPA or CPA..

Since I was the first one being interviewed, and have to wait until 6pm for the bus heading home, i decided to go back on my own...of course, I managed to do some window shopping at Bugis before going back..

Phew...this is how I earn my money today..

Refreshment paid by Tocean = SGD 10
Burger King = SGD 3.95(why no nit tax one)
SJE (Bugis to JB) = SGD 2.40
Causeway Link (JB to Pulai) = MYR 2.60
Total earnings = MYR 5.40 ....why so little one...

Next, I would like to review the difference between JB and next read lar...lazy now..


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