Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The photos are not in chronological orders...let's start with the weather...it's f...ing hot...don't ever think of coming to Italy during Summer...its better off going to Dubai, they have airconditioning there. Which explains why I have to indulge myself in the famous Italian 'Gelato'.
Still the weather, it is very tiring walking under the scorching sun and I was seen resting on the 'boat' park (actually this was done on purpose to pose for the picture)..hhe

This is very interesting. Venetians have their cemetery on an island off the Venice island. I imagine they have to carry their coffin by the ferry (not a bad idea for those looking for a fussy funeral) to be buried on this island. It is very serene anyway. Clean and tidy, as usual. And yes, I saw somebody holding flowers taking the ferries, most probably to the deceased fafm.

They have a digital board showing when the ferry arrives, but as usual, not accurate at all...

The bridge is Ponte Rialto. and the guy (gondolier) with the gondola. I couldn't figure out why they have Gondolier in Black and Red stripes?

Italian Ragazze....

The best view of the Grand Canal, the ferry is their metro (for local but it costs like 6 euros per trip), and gondola is for tourist (100 per trip ;p) and water taxi (speed boat)

Boarding the gondola...no...i did not spend my fortune on that sampan trip.

The masks....the Festival was in February...off seasons...but I guess everybody got at least 1 mask with them back...



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