Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 Resolution Review

Just got back from a great holiday in Penang, had a lot of Char Kuey Teow, Cendol, Kepala, Sour Fish Head BeeHoon, Curry Powder Dim Sum, visited Cheong Fatt Tze House with the best feng shui in penang, made some new friends, went clubbing for 2 continuous nights.

1. Tone up, reduce weight to 65kg (was 65kg before the penang food)
2. Learn surfing in Bali (No)
3. Promote to marketing position (No)
4. spend more time with family (Yes, had a short gathering once in 2 months with all my siblings living in Msia now)
5. 1 new friend per month (can be more)
6. buy a property (almost got a xk shop, learnt the process and cash flow)
7. 50% into savings/assets (I think yes)
8. visit at least 1 neighbouring country (went to Ho Chi Minh with mom, andy and elaine, had a great time with the food and pretty vietnam girls)


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