Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Euro Summer 2007 Trip

I have departed from Como, Italy to Munich on 13th, last friday on my Euro trip.
I spent 3 nights in my friend's place in Munich, who happen to be a friend of my ex coursemate in UTM. He is really very very very kind. He even bought a temporary air filled bed for me. He and the other Malaysian cooked dinner for me every single evening, generous dinner. Thanks guys.

Munich, is one of the city that i want to live in, and in fact, it was voted before as one of the suitable cities to live in. The people never throw you a 'discriminating' look just because your skin colour is different from theirs, which I appreciate a lot, very unlikely to happen in Madrid. The cost of living is not actually that high, the food is around the price of Madrid, but definitely cheaper than Northern Italy. And German cities has very nice campus style hostel, which any students can apply to stay inside, very considerate.

My friend acted as a tour guide of Munich, showing me around, which is the best place to shoot pictures. The Allianz stadium which hosts Bayern Munich is impressive. I reached there, it was white and when I actually walked to the picture-taking spot, it turned red before I could snap it. But I did shoot the red and the blue stadium.

I visited the Neuschwanstein Schloss, the Swan Castle built by King Ludwig on one the hill. Having to climb the small hill plus the two hours train ride from Munich is worth the effort and the view of the entire fairy-tale castle from the hanging bridge is magnificent.

The weather in Europe this summer is terribly hot. I was so well tanned now. 35-39 C without aircondionting nor fan, on the train and in the hostel was just horrendous.

Prague, 6 hours of train from Munich, again I left my super heavy luggage in my friend's house, but i didn't reserve a seat as I didn't see 'Groups of German students travelling on graduation trip to Prague on the same day, same time as me' coming and I had to sit on the aisle for 6 bloody hours.

Prague gave me a first impression that it is Europe 10 years (or even more) back. Things are disorganised, a little bit unsafe, and hot hot hot. I think the weather spoilt my entire trip, I just didn't have the mood to sit there and enjoy the city under the scorching sun. But I did meet the Philipines couples competing live on the Amazing Race Asia, and I was taped as the female participant asked me 'if I see the red flag' that they were looking for, so watch out if MELVIN ever appear on AXN.

Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, i thought it should be more devastated and cheaper than Prague but I was wrong. It has not only more modern buildings than Prague, but also way more expensive, which I supposed is due to its 1 hour by train location from Vienna. BUT, Slovakian girl is seriously beautiful. Almost every girl on the street looks nice but speaks no english. I was in the city for 4 hours and left to Vienna.

Vienna, still hot, 'i will continue tomorrow....



At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're jealous of your Amazing Race sighting!

Did you by chance get any pictures??

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Elaine said...

Wow! Amazing Race!!

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Follow this link, if this is the woman you met inside the train...



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