Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Greeks!

My Malaysian friend who studied in Telsanoliki, Greece. He was seen posting in his lecture room.The other students are on strikes because the Greek government finally decided to charge tuition fees.Before this, it is all free and even 3 meals are provided in the canteen.

Since they are getting free meals and carefree life, the students end up studying for more years than intended and gradually eat up the government fund. Mr. Kikilapolous decided that university will no free no more!

The students got annoyed since their paradise is being taken away and decided to go on a mass strike.The whole university was on strike for 10 months already and the only class that is still going on is the one my friend attended(since they are paying the fees).

The students even demonstrated their anger on the walls and whiteboards.

Ironically, during these whole 10 months, the food supplies haven't been stopped a single day!

So, what they basically do is to come to school without having to attend lectures but still get to enjoy the free meals and start protesting after they are fed!

What a paradise!



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